We deliver the versatile properties of technical nonwovens in every form

Experience design at scale

3D COMPOSITE lightweight construction elements impress with their weight reduction, breathability and noise reduction in a pleasant feel. Each part is manufactured to customer specifications (design, shape, integration). 3D COMPOSITE is used for vehicle installations: side wall cladding, headlining and ceiling cladding, interior cupboard panels, B-pillar cladding and rear garage cladding. Especially with B-pillars, it becomes clear how fluently living space and driver's cab can be connected through the 3D COMPOSITE solutions and thus form one unit.

Versatile combination options

  • Carrier material: Various such as polyester, natural fiber, PET, etc.

  • Surface: fabrics and foils (must be tested individually for compatibility with the desired shape)


advantages at a glance


Warm surfaces with a high quality appearance.


Textile molded parts create a pleasant room climate and add value to any interior.


The open-pored structure absorbs sound.


Moisture is absorbed and released. There is no condensation.


Even with heavily deformed components, a weight per unit area of less than 1200 g / m ^ 2 can be achieved.


High deformations without material detachment or blistering. Assemblies can be replaced by large covering parts.

From start to finish

Well-designed components ensure fewer rejects in production, quick assembly in production and a long-lasting product. At 3D Composite we understand that the best products come from working closely with our customers. We support you with design challenges over the entire product life cycle.

Automation rethought

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